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​Pictured here:  Former Sr. Warden John Gsell, Former Vicar Rev. Dr. Max Myers and our Bishop The Right. Rev. Ian T. Douglas at the Celebration of our 250th Anniversary!

The Right Reverend Ian T. Douglas, Bishop of Connecticut

The Right Reverend Laura J. Ahrens, Bishop of Connecticut

​​Rev. Daniel Mattila, MPIC

​​                   CHRIS GARDNER, Sr. Warden                  

​                 RICHARD CUTTING, Jr. Warden​                

                   DIANE KUCK, Treasurer                  

​                         CAROL BECK, Clerk                           


Vestry Class of 2022




   Vestry Class of 2023



Vestry Class of 2024



Oh Eternal God, the fountain of all wisdom, enlighten with Thy Grace the wardens and Vestry Members of this church, and so rule their minds and guide their counsels, that in all things they may seek Thy Holy Will; through Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Amen.

O Lord, our Heavenly Father, whose blessed Son came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, we beseech You to bless all who, following in His steps, give themselves to the service of their fellow worshipers.  We pray especially for those who are about to assume office in the government and work of this parish.  Endue them with wisdom, patience and courage to strengthen the weak and raise up those who fall; that, being inspired by Your Life, they may worthily minister in your Name to the suffering, the friendless and the needy; for the sake of Him who laid down His life for us, YourSon, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

I wnat to remind you that each of these posistions on the Vestry is an ancient and honorable one, and carries with it not only dignity, but great responsibility.

Together with the Clergy and the Vestry, it will be your duty to make provision for and to manage the business affairs of this church in accordance with the Canons and Bylaws of the Diocese of Connecticut.

I ask if you are willing to accept this office of Church Warden, Treasurer, Clerk, Vestry Member in this church and accept the responsibilities of this position?  "I do"

The Lord, who hath given you this good will, grant you grace to perform your duty to His glory and the welfare of this church and congregation.

May you look well to the important duties of your office and may God's richest blessing rest upon you in your efforts to discharge the same.

To the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who has only the gift of immortality, delling in the light which no one can approach, be ascribed all right, majesty, dominon and praise, henceforth and for evermore.  



Bishop Laura Ahrens presides       December 10, 2017

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